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Afterpulse game


Out of the Blue Studios:

  • Call of the Sea (Music and Sound Fx)

Tequila Works

  • Gylt (Stadia) (Aditional Music and Sound Fx)

Vertical Robot:

  • Daedalus (VR) (Music and Sound FX)
  • Red Matter (VR) (Music, Sound FX and Voice Acting)

Digital Legends:

  • Afterpulse (Music and Sound Fx)
  • The Respawnables (Music and Sound Fx)
  • Respawnables Heroes (Music and sound Fx)

Pyro Studios:

  • Commandos 2: Men of Courage (Production department and Credits Music in the consoles games)
  • Commandos 3: Destination Berlin (Production department)
  • Super Soccer Club (Music and Sound Fx)
  • Evolution Planet (Music and Sound Fx)
  • The Moleys (Music and Sound Fx)
  • Mobi and Fono discover the Telecomunications (Music and Sound Fx)

Stage Clear Studios:

  • The Last Kids on Earth and the Staff of Doom (Music and Sound FX)
  • Shiny the Firefly (Music and Sound Fx)
  • Super BlackJack Battle 2 (Music and Sound FX)

Pendulo Studios:

  • Yesterday Origins (Sound FX)

Freedom Factory Studios:

  • Young Justice Legacy (Music and Sound Fx)
  • Kick Ass 2: the videogame (Music and Sound Fx)
  • Baobab Planet (Music and Sound Fx)
  • Naraba world (Music and Sound Fx)
  • Naraba and the Labyrinth of Light (Music and Sound Fx)
  • Naraba: The mysterious Palace (Music and Sound Fx)
  • BloodBath (Music and Sound Fx)
  • Street Rod (Music and Sound Fx)

Bee Square Games:

  • Almost a Hero (Music and Sound FX)


  • Valerian City of Alpha (Music Intro)
  • Wild West Online (Menu Music)

Estudio Future:

  • Fusion Wars (VR) (Music and Sound FX)
  • Don Quijote (VR) (Music and Sound FX)
  • Summer Camp (VR) (Music and Sound FX)

Garage 51:

  • Demon Blade (Sound FX)

Xaloc Studios:

  • Super Kickers League (Music and Sound FX)

Five X Games:

  • Motor Strike (Music and Sound FX Supervisor)

Plunge Interactive:

  • Path (Music and Sound Fx)
  • The Rise (Music and Sound Fx)
  • Three Little Pigs (Music and Sound Fx)
  • Ragdoll Charlie (Music and Sound Fx)
  • Mystic Mansion (Music and Sound Fx)
  • Super Battle Cheff (Music and Sound Fx)
  • Wacky (Music and Sound Fx)
  • Spin Dash (Music and Sound Fx)
  • Stars Path (Music and Sound Fx)

Ilustrum Multimedia:

  • Zomon: Path of Heroes (Music and Sound Fx)
  • Mistyc Valley (Music and Sound Fx)


  • Legends of the Sea slot (Music and Sound FX)

Digital Lighting Studios:

  • Soccer Legends (Soundtrack)

Gametopia Games:

  • Clippox Exodus (Music and Sound Fx)
  • Poe (Music and Sound Fx)
  • El Viaje de Elisa (Music and Sound Fx)

Moon Factory Studios:

  • Rollin Bob (Music and Sound FX)

Revolution System Games:

  • Decadence (Music and Sound Fx)

Unusual Wonder:

  • Fútbol Star (Music and Sound Fx)

Flas Entertainment:

  • ISDIN videogame (Music and Sound Fx)
  • Iberia videogame (Music and Sound Fx)
  • The Shadow of Aten (Music)
  • San Baudelio Church Virtual Reconstruction (Music)
  • San Juan de Duero Church Virtual Reconstruction (Music)


  • Guess the Character (Music and Sound Fx)

Gaelco Multimedia:

  • PC Fútbol 2007 (Music)

Future World Games:

  • The Long Silence (Cofounder/Music and Sound Fx)

Arvirago Gamcreaft:

  • The Lord of the Creatures (Music and Sound Fx)

Pixel Quality Games:

  • Project Aura (Sound Fx)

U-Play Online:

  • My Tubi (Music and Sound Fx)

Koko Digital:

  • Lamb Chop (Music and Sound FX)

Other Projects:

  • You´re nobody ´til someone kilss you (Film) (Credited in the Spike Lee´s Film)
  • Simon (Short Movie) (Music)
  • Ganning Casino (A3Media) (Musical composer/Guitarist)
  • Luna (Short Movie) (Music)
  • Perrito Chino (Short movie) (Music)
  • ¿Cómo se dice? (Short Movie) (Music)
  • ¿QSU? (Documentary) (Music)
  • En un Segundo (Documentary) (Music)
  • Cinegames (Inside Music)
  • Umbrío entre los muertos (Original Soundtrack for a book)
  • Rebellion (Musical Production of the Rock Band Sibellius)
  • Pica-Pica: El patio de mi casa, Bailando and english Pitinglish (Sound Postproduction)