Out of the Blue Studios:

  • American Arcadia (Music and Sound FX)
  • Call of the Sea (Music and Sound FX)
  • Call of the Sea VR (Music and Sound FX)


  • Lords of the Fallen (Sound FX)

Tequila Works

  • Gylt (Stadia) (Aditional Music and Sound FX)
  • Song of Nunu - A League of Legends Story (Sound FX)

Vertical Robot:

  • Daedalus (VR) (Music and Sound FX)
  • Red Matter (VR) (Music, Sound FX and Voice Acting)
  • Red Matter 2 (VR) (Music, Sound FX)


  • Warhammer 40k Warpforge (Music and Sound FX)
  • Warhammer 40k Legions (Trailer music)

Digital Legends:

  • Afterpulse (Music and Sound Fx)
  • The Respawnables (Music and Sound Fx)
  • Respawnables Heroes (Music and sound Fx)

Pyro Studios:

  • Commandos 2: Men of Courage (Production department and Credits Music in the consoles games)
  • Commandos 3: Destination Berlin (Production department)
  • Super Soccer Club (Music and Sound Fx)
  • Evolution Planet (Music and Sound Fx)
  • The Moleys (Music and Sound Fx)
  • Mobi and Fono discover the Telecomunications (Music and Sound Fx)

Stage Clear Studios:

  • The Last Kids on Earth and the Staff of Doom (Music and Sound FX)
  • Shiny the Firefly (Music and Sound Fx)
  • Real Madrid CF Football Blast (Music and Sound FX)
  • Ryans Rescue Squad (Music and Sound FX)
  • Super BlackJack Battle 2 (Music and Sound FX)

Pendulo Studios:

  • Yesterday Origins (Sound FX)

Freedom Factory Studios:

  • Young Justice Legacy (Music and Sound Fx)
  • Kick Ass 2: the videogame (Music and Sound Fx)
  • Baobab Planet (Music and Sound Fx)
  • Naraba world (Music and Sound Fx)
  • Naraba and the Labyrinth of Light (Music and Sound Fx)
  • Naraba: The mysterious Palace (Music and Sound Fx)
  • BloodBath (Music and Sound Fx)
  • Street Rod (Music and Sound Fx)

Bee Square Games:

  • Almost a Hero (Music and Sound FX)


  • Valerian City of Alpha (Music Intro)
  • Wild West Online (Menu Music)

Estudio Future:

  • Fusion Wars (VR) (Music and Sound FX)
  • Don Quijote (VR) (Music and Sound FX)
  • Summer Camp (VR) (Music and Sound FX)

Five X Games:

  • Motor Strike (Music and Sound FX Supervisor)

Plunge Interactive:

  • Path (Music and Sound Fx)
  • The Rise (Music and Sound Fx)
  • Three Little Pigs (Music and Sound Fx)
  • Ragdoll Charlie (Music and Sound Fx)
  • Mystic Mansion (Music and Sound Fx)
  • Super Battle Cheff (Music and Sound Fx)
  • Wacky (Music and Sound Fx)
  • Spin Dash (Music and Sound Fx)
  • Stars Path (Music and Sound Fx)

 Garage 51:

  • Demon Blade (Sound FX)

Xaloc Studios:

  • Super Kickers League (Music and Sound FX)

Ilustrum Multimedia:

  • Zomon: Path of Heroes (Music and Sound Fx)
  • Mistyc Valley (Music and Sound Fx)


  • Legends of the Sea slot (Music and Sound FX)

Digital Lighting Studios:

  • Soccer Legends (Soundtrack)

Gametopia Games:

  • Clippox Exodus (Music and Sound Fx)
  • Poe (Music and Sound Fx)
  • El Viaje de Elisa (Music and Sound Fx)

Moon Factory Studios:

  • Rollin Bob (Music and Sound FX)

Revolution System Games:

  • Decadence (Music and Sound Fx)

Unusual Wonder:

  • Fútbol Star (Music and Sound Fx)

Flas Entertainment:

  • ISDIN videogame (Music and Sound Fx)
  • Iberia videogame (Music and Sound Fx)
  • The Shadow of Aten (Music)
  • San Baudelio Church Virtual Reconstruction (Music)
  • San Juan de Duero Church Virtual Reconstruction (Music)


  • Guess the Character (Music and Sound Fx)

Gaelco Multimedia:

  • PC Fútbol 2007 (Music)

Future World Games:

  • The Long Silence (Cofounder/Music and Sound Fx)

Arvirago Gamcreaft:

  • The Lord of the Creatures (Music and Sound Fx)

Pixel Quality Games:

  • Project Aura (Sound Fx)

U-Play Online:

  • My Tubi (Music and Sound Fx)

Koko Digital:

  • Lamb Chop (Music and Sound FX)


You´re nobody ´til someone kilss you (Film) (Credited in the Spike Lee´s Film)

Simon (Short Movie) (Music)

Ganning Casino (A3Media) (Musical composer/Guitarist)

Luna (Short Movie) (Music)

Perrito Chino (Short movie) (Music)

¿Cómo se dice? (Short Movie) (Music)

¿QSU? (Documentary) (Music)

En un Segundo (Documentary) (Music)

Cinegames (Inside Music)

Umbrío entre los muertos (Original Soundtrack for a book)

Rebellion (Musical Production of the Rock Band Sibellius)

Pica-Pica: El patio de mi casa, Bailando and english Pitinglish (Sound Postproduction)