New Release Date Trailer for «Red Matter»

Eduardo is the composer and Sound designer of the new game from the Vertical Robot guys. Here´s the last trailer []

Red Matter, new VR project – Sound and Music

Eduardo is the responsible of the audio/Music of the new upcoming VR game called «Red Matter«, from Vertical Robot guys. A []

Daedalus, a new VR game for Oculus and Samsung Gear – Sound and music

It´s now on sale the new VR videogame from the «Vertical robot» studios. Eduardo is the responsible to make the []

Almost a Hero – Sound and Music

Eduardo has been the chosen to compose the music and design the sound of the acclaimed game «Almost a Hero» []

Fusion Wars – Sound Fx and Music

This is my first VR game where i´m designed the Sound Fx and composed some of the music for the []

Rollin Bob – Sound FX and OST

Before the end of the year 2016 the game «Rollin Bob», from the Moon Factory Studios guys, will be released []

Super BlackJack Battle 2 (Turbo Edition) – OST and Sound FX

New proyect where i´m involved (with the «StageClear Studios» and «Headup games» guys) making the audio in a «chiptune» style []

Sound design for Yesterday Origins

Eduardo has recently finished the entire Sound Fx of the videogame «Yesterday Origins» from Pendulo Studios  

New proyect for KickStarter: «Dawn of the Devs»

Eduardo is the composer/Sound designer of the «Dawn of the Devs» kickstarter project from «Underdog Studios«. You can hear/watch in []

Eduardo is the Winner of the «Academia Music Awards» in the Best Instrumental/World Beat category

The last 17th February Eduardo was the winner of the «Academia Music Awards» in the «Best instrumental/World beat» category with []

Perrito Chino soundtrack

Eduardo is the composer of the short film Perrito Chino, starring: Rosario Pardo and Ana de Armas

Nothing interactive video

Eduardo is the composer and sound designer of the new «Nothing Interactive» spot