Released the App Pocket Pets for iOs and Android devices

Eduardo has composed the music and designed the sound effects of the new app Pocket Pets for iOs and Android […]

First trailer of the game «THE LAST KIDS ON EARTH and The Staff of Doom»

Eduardo is the composer and sound designer of the game «THE LAST KIDS ON EARTH and The Staff of Doom«, […]

Eduardo is designing the audio and composing aditional music in the new upcoming «Tequila Works» game: Gylt

Eduardo is working in the next  Stadia exclusive game from Tequila Works: Gylt credited as Senior Sound Designer/Aditional Music. An eerie story mixing fantasy […]

Released the Trailer of «Super Kickers League» from Xaloc Studios

Eduardo has composed the Music and sound of the new game from Xaloc Studios called «Super Kickers League», a game […]

Red Matter, new VR project – Sound and Music

Eduardo is the responsible of the audio/Music of the new upcoming VR game called «Red Matter«, from Vertical Robot guys. A […]

Daedalus, a new VR game for Oculus and Samsung Gear – Sound and music

It´s now on sale the new VR videogame from the «Vertical robot» studios. Eduardo is the responsible to make the […]

Fusion Wars – Sound Fx and Music

This is my first VR game where i´m designed the Sound Fx and composed some of the music for the […]

Rollin Bob – Sound FX and OST

Before the end of the year 2016 the game «Rollin Bob», from the Moon Factory Studios guys, will be released […]