Released the game «The Last kids on earth: The staff of Doom «

Eduardo has composed the music and designed the sound effects of the game «The Last kids on Earth: The Staff []

Almost a Hero – Sound and Music

Eduardo has been the chosen to compose the music and design the sound of the acclaimed game «Almost a Hero» []

Soundtrack for the new Kick Ass 2 Game

Eduardo has composed the soundtrack for the videogame «Kick Ass 2» (Freedom Factory Studios/Universal Pictures) that will be available soon []

Soundtrack for Young Justice Legacy

Now is available the game «Young Justice Legacy» for XBOX360, Playstation3, Nintendo DS and Steam. Eduardo has composed the entire []

Sound and Music for Bloodbath Game

Composed the entire soundtrack and sound effects for the incoming game for XBOX360, PLaystation 3 and and Steam «Bloodbath»

Shiny the firefly Trailer for iOS & Android

A new trailer for Shiny the firefly (Sound and music)

Master in Design and game development

Teacher of Sound Design and audio for video games in the «Master in Design and game development – Universidad Politécnica []

Radio Interview «De ida y vuelta» RNE

Appearance in radio program «De ida y vuelta» in RNE presented by Inmaculada Palomares (in spanish).

Music for Clippox Exodus – iOS and Android.

Soundtrack for videogame Clippox Exodus by Gametopia Games. Enjoy de Soundtrack – Free download