American Arcadia on Spotify

Now you can listen the Entire Soundtrack of the game American Arcadia on Spotify, included the hit «Don´t be a []

Eduardo is designing the audio and composing aditional music in the new upcoming «Tequila Works» game: Gylt

Eduardo is working in the next  Stadia exclusive game from Tequila Works: Gylt credited as Senior Sound Designer/Aditional Music. An eerie story mixing fantasy []

Eduardo de la Iglesia talks about his music in RNE (Entre dos Luces)

Last January 9th, Eduardo was interviewed by Carlos Santos (@lalibretacolora) and Lidia Cossio (@Lidia_Cossio) in the Radio show «Entre dos []

Almost a Hero – Sound and Music

Eduardo has been the chosen to compose the music and design the sound of the acclaimed game «Almost a Hero» []

Super BlackJack Battle 2 (Turbo Edition) – OST and Sound FX

New proyect where i´m involved (with the «StageClear Studios» and «Headup games» guys) making the audio in a «chiptune» style []