Fusion Wars – Sound Fx and Music

This is my first VR game where i´m designed the Sound Fx and composed some of the music for the []

Rollin Bob – Sound FX and OST

Before the end of the year 2016 the game «Rollin Bob», from the Moon Factory Studios guys, will be released []

Super BlackJack Battle 2 (Turbo Edition) – OST and Sound FX

New proyect where i´m involved (with the «StageClear Studios» and «Headup games» guys) making the audio in a «chiptune» style []

Sound design for Yesterday Origins

Eduardo has recently finished the entire Sound Fx of the videogame «Yesterday Origins» from Pendulo Studios  

Young Justice Legacy OST

Eduardo is the composer of the «Young Justice Legacy» videogame for XBOX360, PlayStation3 and Nindendo 3DS. Here you can listen []

Afterpulse OST

Eduardo is the Composer/Sound designer of the aclaimed game «Afterpulse» from «Digital Legends«

Kick Ass 2 OST

Eduardo is the composer of the «Kick Ass 2: the videogame»

Zomon the Path of Heroes

Eduardo has composed/Designed the Soundtrack and sound effects of the videogame «Zomon, Path of Heroes» from Ilustrum Multimedia

Escape from Tenopia island OST

Eduardo is the composer of the videogame «Tenopia Island». Enjoy the Main theme