New proyect for KickStarter: «Dawn of the Devs»

Eduardo is the composer/Sound designer of the «Dawn of the Devs» kickstarter project from «Underdog Studios«. You can hear/watch in []

Eduardo is the Winner of the «Academia Music Awards» in the Best Instrumental/World Beat category

The last 17th February Eduardo was the winner of the «Academia Music Awards» in the «Best instrumental/World beat» category with []

Perrito Chino soundtrack

Eduardo is the composer of the short film Perrito Chino, starring: Rosario Pardo and Ana de Armas

Nothing interactive video

Eduardo is the composer and sound designer of the new «Nothing Interactive» spot

Super Soccer Club

Eduardo is the composer and sound designer of the game «Super Soccer Club» for Pyro Mobile/Chillingo

Shiny the Firefly music

  Eduardo has composed the music and designing the sound of the acclaimed videogame for iOs, Android and WiiU devices []

Afterpulse Trailer

Here you can listen and watch the music and sound i´ve composed/designer for the trailer of  the videogame «Afterpulse»

Evolution Planet Soundtrack and sound effects


Zomon: Path of Heroes

Eduardo has composed and designing the soundtrack and sound effects of the game Zomon: Path of heroes